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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 20, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> new this morning. a heartbreaking end to be months of searching in the east bay. a body found over the weekend is that of michelle le. i'll tell you what's next in the case in a live report. san francisco police defend their actions to shoot at a suspected drug dealer, despite the fact they shot two innocent bystanders. we'll have the latest on the investigation. and brad pitt comes to oakland for the premier of the movie "money ball." why he has high hopes for the movie that the city's own people helped create. a live look outside at the bay
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bridge. this is "today in the bay." >> reporting what matters to you. hello, everybody. i'm scott mcgrew. lets check in with christina loren. is it going to be as hot? >> some like it hot. it's going to be hotter in some cities today because we are starting out so mild. 66 in san jose. when you walk out the front door, you don't need the jacket. particulate matter in the east bay. we will get warmer for thursday. then we cool down and rain in the forecast. that's coming up. mike has some construction that could slow you down. >> we're checking things out. i wasn't sure if it was construction. northbound side, had no lights traveling for a few minutes.
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cleared up the flashing lights on the southbound side. now it shows you have more in the area. after months of hope the search more michelle le is over. they have identified the human remains found over the weekend, and it is michelle. christie smith is joining us. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. it is heartbreaking. the speculation has come to an end. the coroner's office saying the remains found on saturday are those of michelle le. i checked the family's website. they do have a brief statement up thanking everyone who helped to search for her. eight searches in all. they're also asking for their privacy as they start to plan her memorial. they are being held on no bail at the jail after she made a
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brief court appearance yesterday and did not enter a plea. she needs to be officially assigned an attorney. also esteban is pregnant. she is a former high school friend from san diego. who had made public statements that le ruined her relationship with a former boyfriend. le disappeared back on may 27th from rounds at kaiser hospital in hayward. her body found in the sunold canyon. i spoke with thor in yesterday. he said positive identification is huge for the prosecution. it establishes that michelle is indeed dead. the next question is how she died and whether that can be established or not. that would be key to the defense. esteban is being held on no bail. her next court appearance is september 28th.
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the police department answered tough questions at a community meeting. this after two innocent bystanders were shot after a confrontation between police and a wanted man. 20-year-old jesus rodriguez started running when cops approached him saturday morning in north beach. they fired on rodriguez when he pulled out a gun, they say. the shots fired by police missed rodriguez entirely. hit two people who had nothing to do with the chase. police chief deflected criticism pointing out the suspect had 22 rounds in his gun. >> the alternative of having a suspect with this weapon around his neck when it's full of hundreds of people at the hour. the alternative could have been a lot worse. >> we should point out rodriguez never fired his gun. a woman was hit in the thigh by
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a bullet fragment. both expected to make a full recovery. the popular real estate agent murdered after a car jacking was remembered last night. cindy nguyen was having car trouble. she stopped at a target in san jose where a stranger offered to help her. she never made it home. george kiriyama has the story. >> reporter: last night we spoke with her former boss. last night when she was here. she told him on the cell phone that she was having car trouble. she was never heard from gun. this morning tonight. they devoted the entire day to remembering one of its own. cindy was a popular host with the morning and evening show. her studio know with a microphone with a faint at this
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particular time of hir lipstick. her colleagues were too shaken up to talk. he also worked as an office manager as a san jose realtor. the workers are trying to stay positive, because cindy would want it that way. >> my team was actually very devastated with the loss. but we are pulling together. >> he asks himself every minute why someone would kill cindy winn after car jacking her last friday in san jose. police arrested this man, paul ray castillo sunday night. he has a long wrap sheet and had been in prison for a third of his life. what's shaking the community is how the crime went down. >> it's random. you don't know the person. and a crime like that happens. we don't see it often. when we do, we truly spend all our resources to make sure it stops. >> i'm still shaken up by what happened give tennessee fact that it happened in such a vibrant shopping center. in my council district. a place you never imagine something like this would
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happen. this is their way of saying thanks. >> it's a huge loss for us. i'm hoping this will be an opportunity for us to do something together. to prevent similar occurrence to anyone. we don't want any family to go through what we're going through right now. >> and that huge celebration of life will be here friday at 7:00 at the plant shopping center in san jose. they expect hundreds to come out and share memories. george kiriyama. built in 1882. burned in 2011. investigators trying to determine what caused a five alarm fire in a vicktorian style home. they are combing through the interior of the 3800 square foot home in japan town. flames tore through the home just before 5:00 yesterday evening. here you see the aftermath.
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damage is estimated as a million dollars. 4:37. a brush fire at regional park fully contained this morning. nobody injured. no buildings burned. nearly the two-hour effort to contain the smoky blaze. no word on what caused the fire. the company responsible for the catastrophic costco oil spin will pay $44 million for the disaster. the state announced the owners of the ship will reimburse millions for the cleanup and restoration efforts. the 53,000 gallon oil spill happened back in 2007. after the tanker hit the bay bridge. the accident killed thousands of birds, closed bay area beaches to recreation and fishing. fishermen have reached a settlement for the loss of livelihood. the loss of fish. now when i was growing up,
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summer was hot. fall was cool. that was back in the good old days. >> we don't want to think back that far, scott. >> good morning to you. this is going to be the warmest week of the summer. it's going to be the warmest week we've had all summer long. 98 yesterday in dublin. livermore, 96. 95 in south san jose. and a new record. oakland hit 91 degrees yesterday. because we start out so mild, temperatures will be just about as warm, if not a little bit warmer. especially inland. you may get a bit of a break by the coast. we have another spare the air day as well. still in the unhealthy range in the east bay. if you're someone who suffers
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from respiratory problems, limit your outdoor activity. six degrees warmer than yesterday at this hour in oakland. temperatures really mild. you're dm the mid 60s. this is why it's going to be easy for temperatures to climb to 82 degrees in oakland. 85 for fremont. 90 in san jose. 101 in fairfield. we warm up a touch through your thursday. then rain in the forecast. >> all right, christina. i showed the earlier lights flashing by the coliseum. we'll take you to the maps. there's an a's game after their "money ball" premier. they're taking on texas tonight. right now there's folks clearing up the work. as well as the east shore freeway. 680, a couple of spots through walnut creek and san ramone. no full closures. lanes are closed northbound or
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southbound throughout the area. 580 is a smooth dry out of the altamont pass. a very light volume of traffic. we expect that to hit pretty early and pretty hard, as well as antioch. the construction is eastbound from loverage to somerville. locals to the area, scott, are well aware of the detour. it's there often. but not every night. >> thank you much. coming up, the wallet of the future cutting down what you carry in your pocket or purse. plus hollywood in the bay area. we'll take you to the premier of "money ball" for a look at the star power, including one on one with brad pitt. and the 49 ers get to the amusement park business.
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>> welcome back to you as we take a nice distant shot of the bay bridge. good news for job seekers in the bay area. the national and california economies have slowed practically to a halt, but the bay area job market continues to thrive. this according to a new report. meantime, mountain view's google at work making your wallet thinner, and it's thicker. for more on that and news before the bell, let's turn to courtney
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reagan to explain that at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> hi, good morning to you, scott. the markets look to reverse the negative trend from yesterday's session. at least right now we're seeing futures higher. investors appear to be spluging off the latest news from europe. the s&p cut europe's credit rating citing the inability to deal with the debt problems. it was debt worries in greece that hung over stocks yesterday. the the dow was down as much as 254 points at one point during the session. though we ended down only about 108. the reports did help to trim the losses. today the market will look for data an housing starts, and the fed begins a two-day meeting. it's expected to launch a stimulus program. at&t is launching in washington
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as it tries to convince congress and regulators about the merits of the proposed deal to buy t-mobile. they will run publications popular on capitol hill, like the "washington post" and politico. this comes a day before at&t meets in court with the justice departme department, which has sued to block the deal. you can be sure the timing is strategic. google's wallet is getting thicker. it's adding visa, american express and discover to the global payment system. it started initially with mastercard. it can be loaded with a mastercard or prepaid google debit card. scott, i'm surprised it was only launched with one of those card companies. i would think all of them would really want to sort of get in on the google universe and the the network that it has to really enable a product to take off.
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whatever it is. >> this is going to be the future. let's check in with christina. boy, here we go. look at that. dublin, 98. liver more 96. south san jose 95. and oakland at 91. back to you, scott. >> oakland hit 91. you can do it with a little more umph than that. >> you have the umph. all right. i guess i do. we're looking good in oakland. it's toasty already. you hit 91 yesterday. very imreszive. tied a record. actually broke a record set back in 1983. today we have more of a marine influence. you'll get a cooling effect. inland i'm forecasting temperatures to be warmer because we're starting out so mild this morning. high pressure isn't really budging. it's going to amplify a little
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bit throughout the afternoon. as a result of the ocean pushing in, we had a little bit better air quality down in the south central bay. now you're back in the good range. we're still in the moderate range for the south bay. we have unhealthy levels of particulate matter. six degrees warmer than this hour yesterday in oakland. definitely you notice the difference. a couple degrees makes a big difference. you're headed to another warm afternoon. not quite as worm as yesterday. 82 in oakland. 85 for fremont. 90 in san jose. 80 in santa cruz. another great beach day. through the next couple of days, we start to warm up just a little bit with that big ridge of high pressure. just not breaking down until
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friday. rain in the forecast late sunday to monday. that will be in the higher elevations and in the north bay. 75 by monday. that's a pretty significant dropoff from 90 today. maybe sure you're ready if you suffer from extreme temperature and pressure differences. back to you, scott. lights, camera, oakland. no red carpet. instead brad pitt got the green carpet treatment. it was the premier of his new movie, money ball. >> every star we talked to said they loved working in oakland. the city had bad headlines recently. people here say it's a welcome change.
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with screaming fans, a red carpet of sort. >> look at the green carpet. what an amazing thing they put out for us. >> and big league stars like brad pitt, jonah hill, and philip seymour hoffman. oakland at least for a night felt like hollywood. >> how is it working in oakland? >> it was great fun. just to be allowed in the coliseum. it was kind of a rush for us and be loud behind the scenes and to see the inside of baseball. it was a real privilege for us. >> we made the movie about the oakland a's. i feel a sense of pride being in the bay area from now on. >> i'm really, really happy that the premier is here in oakland. >> money ball, a film about the oakland a's premiered at the paramont theater. based on the best selling book by berkeley based author, michael lewis. the movie tells the story of how the a's manager turned the team into a power house in the early
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2000s. >> newsweek just named oakland as the second most can-do city in the country. people are still moving forward. it's a film that steven bishop says will put oakland in the headlines in a positive way. >> that's a great thing for the organization and great for the city. i think it should bring tourism. it should do a lot for the city. i think it should be a good boom to the whole community. and the major tells us the film crew spent $2 million while shooting "money ball he" here. in oakland, today in the bay. and you can find pictures of the premier. our own scott budman writes why it was a special night in his hometown. there you see pregnant women. we have that as well.
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there appears to be one less corkscrew in what's become a roller coaster ride to build a new stadium for the 49ers. the football team is now part owner of great america theme park. the jma ventures, san francisco based behind the deal. the 49ers are a major investor in jma ventures. they applaud the $70 million purchase of the park in a written statement. the former owners were not in favor of a new stid yadium next door. and coming up, the huge changes on the military's long standing policy on gays. changes to last year's prop 8 trial in san francisco. you may be able to view clips of it in your own home. and driving along 101 northbound, happy to change that sign if anybody wants to invest. a smooth slow through the south bay. where things will kick in as far
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as the slow down because of earlier overnight work. pi> yot l aive ooking at a live picture of the bay bridge.
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welcome back to you. don't ask, don't tell history this morning. the law that made it illegal for gay members of the military to serve openly was repealed at midnight on the east coast. for people like retired navy
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commander zoey dunning, the changes are just beginning. >> we don't have equal benefits for the partners of same-sex couples. the service members legal defense network, the organization i work with, is going and looking at veterans discharged under don't ask, don't tell, and having the discharged paperwork correct ed she says it's a great civil rights victory for gays and lesbians. supporters will hold a news conference at san francisco's war memorial building at 12:30 this afternoon. a federal judge in san francisco ordered the video of the trial of prop 8 to be made public. he said monday there was no reason to keep the videos private. the motion to seal the video was filed by two. in the order the video now part
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of the official record of the trial. the order to release the tape will take effect at the end of the month to give those who oppose the video time to appeal that ruling. let's check in with jon kelley in the news room. >> right now lawyers are in iran trying to get the two u.c. berkeley grads freed from jail. we'll have the latest developments on that story. also a milestone in the recovery of a neighborhood devastated by a gas line rupture over one year ago. plus new information this morning about the whooping cough vaccine. it comes for a study out of marin. at a time when schools and parents are racing to meet an extended vaccine deadline. and good news about how the bay area is bucking an economic trend that's plaguing the entire state and the rest of the natio
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nation. >> let's check in with mike. construction getting cleaned up. >> as the construction clears up now things have sorted out to what we typically see southbound. flashing lights on the left. that's high street. the surface street still has a crew there. a reminder that today is a spare the air day. use mass transit or car pool or telecommut use thmm excuse to stay home. e [ man ] it's big. responds in a moment's notice. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. aladdin became the biggest in bail by treating people right. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional than aladdin. that's why more people turn to aladdin than anyone.
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